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Last update: 25.02.2005

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Acute Systems TransMac (Mac volumes on a PC) and
VERY HOT: CrossFont (Win font utility: converts Mac Truetype/Type1 to Win and PC Truetype/Type1 to Mac); shareware available
Adobe Germany
InDesign 2 and Acrobat 5.0 and GoLive 5.0, NEW Photoshop 7 and NEW Illustrator 10
Agfa Apogee - PDF publishing system
Aladdin StuffIt and Expander - now also for WinPCs
Alien Skin Eye Candy 3.0 (plug-in)
Amiable Software PhotoPRINT
Ardi Executor 2.0 (Mac on a PC)
Artis Software TextureMagic
Astarte (formerly CD-ROM-burning)
Astrobyte BeyondPress
Autodesk Germany
Avenza MAPublisher
BildShop image editor (Win)
Binuscan Color Pro
Bitstream Fonts
Building Systems or
Building Systems
Database Publishing for XPress and VivaPress (Inbetween 2.0)

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Caligari 3D software
Callas PDFOutput Pro
Canto Software
Canto Software Germany
Cumulus Image Browser (NEW version 5)
CDH ProductionsImage Explorer, Image Man Pro and Media Wizard
Cerious Software Inc. ThumbsPlus Image Browser (NEW: version 4.1) for Win (fast ! ) and NEW beta for Macs
Kelly Data (German)
Chroma Graphics Chromatica (plug-in)
CoDesCo XTensions, Plug-ins
Common Ground -
Connectix PhotoMate
Corel Galleria
HOT: Kai's KPT, Bryce, Painter now from Corel

Photo Studio
CrackerjackPDFs color separated
Dantz Retrospekt Backup Software Mac
DataStream Imaging Systems Inc.WildRiverSSK
DataViz Inc.MacOpener (Mac floppies, CD-ROMs and cartridges on a PC)
Deneba Canvas 7
Diamondsoft Font Reserve (font management)
Digital Arts & Sciences Corp. ImageAXS - Image Management
Envoy plug-in and viewer
Ess GmbH Autopage for Quark XPress
Esselte Letraset/ITClook at the Letraset Ripper
Extensis Plug-ins and XTensions, Fetch image catalogue

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Firehand Lightning and Ember Image Browsing Software ?
First Class Tailor Postscript editor
FontFont Library -
Fractal Design -
Frame Technologies (FrameMaker now distributed by Adobe)
Fusion Mac on a PC
Games2Play 2gather1 (Mosaic photos)
GDG Systems KeyGo
Gear CD-ROM-Recording
GraphicConverter over 100 file formats (Mac) ?
Harlequin EtherShare OPI
Helios Software GmbH Scriptworks/EtherShare OPI
HFVExplorer Cool and it's freeware: reading all Mac media on a WinPC ?
Imposing Plus imposition PDF files
Impressed Crackerjack, Pitstop
Insignia Windows on a Mac
Invers Calamus DTP (Win, Mac, Atari)
Interleaf Interleaf Publisher
IrfanView IrfanView32 -- image viewer (Win)
iView image viewer (Mac) ?
Jasc Paint Shop Pro (the best Windows shareware picture program: NEW version 8.0)
Jumbo (DTP-)shareware
Kaetron Stencil It
Kleinofen Medientechnik DTP Training CDs (German)
Kudo Image Browser and Publisher
ITC Int'l Typeface Corp. Fonts
Lari Software Lightning Draw WEB
Lasersoft SilverFast 4.0
Lemke Software Mac shareware picture program (German) ?
Linotype Font Library -
Live Picture -

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Maccampus alien fonts
MacroMediaFlash, ShockWave, Director, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Freehand and now HomeSite and ColdFusion
Main Event PhotoScripter (AppleScript with Photoshop) ?
Markzware Flightcheck Mac/Win and Pasteboard (terminator)
Maxon Computer Cinema 4D
McResearch Database Publishing with XPress
Medialogixx Mediamailer (sending picture files directly with Photoshop Win - Mac version is coming) ?
MetaCreations now all-in-one: Fractal & MetaTools & Specular
MetaTools (HSC) the old company from Kai
MGI Soft PhotoSuite
Microfrontier Color It, Enhance, WWW-Art
Micrografx -
Microsoft Germany
Internet Explorer 6.0 and some free TrueType fonts
M.M.M. Software HoloDozo plug-in
Monotype Fonts
Netscape Germany
Communicator 7 NEW
Next -
Opera Software
Opera Software Germany
Opera 7 browser (since 6th Dec. 2000 free !!! ) ?
Optima Tech. CD-ROM-burning)
Pacific Data Images -
Pantone -
Picmaster NEW (Version 2) image editor (WIN)
PitStop 1.5 PDFs editable
Pixar -
PhotoLine image editor (Win) ?
Photron Primatte masking plug-in
Quantel GmbH Graphic PaintBox
Quark Inc.
Quark Germany
XPress 5.01 - version 6.0 for OS X is coming
Raydream Designer 3D software
Retriever Image viewer, thumbnails and database (Win)

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Serial Type Collection ??
Serif PagePlus DTP software
Softpress UniQorn DTP software
Software Architects DOSMounter 95 (PC floppies and cartridges on a Mac)
Stoik or
Stoik Software
Pictureman Pro
Strata 3D software
Tableworks Table editors for XPress: Entable and Tableworks XT
Terratec Elektronik GmbH
Type Designer Type tools
ULead Germany
URW Fonts
Viva Software VivaPress Pro 2.6 DTP (30-days-trial)
VTC DTP Training CDs (English)
Xara Ltd. CorelXara!! and Xara 3D
XXinet OPI-FullPress
XXL Solutions in Software Masters of Documents ??
Zaksworks 3D plugin for Photoshop

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REMARK Many companies have products in more than one category.
But I've ingested them to this list only in their most important domain (with some exceptions).

? = NOT VERIFIED (mostly new)